Last natural disasters, current cylones and notable earthquakes in the world (10 past days)

Data on this map comes from our permanent watch on natural disasters worldwide. We can generate you real time customized maps (ex: maps showing only floods) which can be integrated in our website or our intranet. Contact us to define your needs and get a price for this service



The Haïtian earthquake in 2010, the Japanese tsunami in 2011, Hurricane Sandy, typhoon Bopha and Haiyan, recurrent floods, and other severe weather events remind us that every day severe natural disasters occur somewhere in the world. Natural disasters are a major issue, not only because of their frequency, but also because they cause 100,000 deaths per year (average between 2001-2013), result in thousands of injuries, and cost on average $100 billions a year.

Until now, there was no unique source for daily monitoring of all damaging natural events occurring worldwide. Furthermore, information related to natural disasters is often very hard to find (or quite simply unavailable) and rarely updated in real time. 

This gap is now filled by NATural DISasters News we monitor and document all natural hazardous events occuring in the world. The main objective in order to provide the most accurate information about natural events that threaten safety of people and goods. For that, we gather information by monitoring and processing dozens of sources in order to obtain quick and certified information. All these data come to feed our exclusive “NATDIS Newswatch" tool which provide a permanent and customized monitoring of natural disasters worldwide.

The principle is simple: after having first set the criteria of interest (type of risk, severity of the event, geographical area etc.), NATDIS Newswatch users are automatically notified that an event or alert matching the set criteria occured or has been updated and received or can access to the full description article. So, for example, if you are only interested in news concerning floods and earthquakes in Asia resulting in more than 10 victims, you will only receive articles that specifically meet those parameters.

NATDIS Newswatch service is available under different formats:

  • Email
  • Live Feeds : RSS / XML / CAP or KML formats


 NATDIS Newswatch service cover the following hazards :

  FloodsWildfiresEarthquakesLandslidesSnow avalanchesTornadoesSevere weatherDroughtsSnow stormHeatwavesTsunamisColdwavesHailWindstormsCyclones / Tropical stormsVolcanic eruptionsSpace eventsAlerts & warnings  



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